Metaris Reservoir (Controlled) Cooler (RCC) Filter Systems

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What sets the RCC apart from the Competition?

Cooler Bypass: The cooler has a standard internal 30-PSI bypass for cold weather start-up or large flow bursts during operation. An optional 60-PSI bypass is available and is field convertible.

40 GPM System Relief Valve: The units can be supplied with a system pressure relief valve to limit maximum system pressure. This is adjustable from 60 to 3,300 PSI and has a port for a gauge to be installed. Maximum rated flow is 40-GPM.

Porting: All ports in the system are SAE O-ring ports with the exception of the suction port which is female NPT. This ensures long life with minimum potential leak points.

Filler Breather: The system uses a special European design filler breather that is baffled to minimize “Slosh”. Return Filtration: The system uses a high-flow return filter to handle large surges in return oil flow. The element is a synthetic glass 10-micron BETA rated element for the very best in system cleanliness. It also has 2 ½ times the dirt holding capacity (DHC) of a standard 10-micron cellulous element.

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Metaris New Reservoir (Controlled) Cooler (RCC) Filter System

What is 'Smart Brain' Technology?

  • Smart Electrical System: The system has a self-modulating, soft start fan control that is tied into a temperature modulating sensor. The fan speed (RPM) is regulated depending on the oil temperature by means of a sensor in the incoming return oil (vs. the on-off toggle switch offered by others). This al - lows the system to achieve and maintain a “Running Temperature” during all weather conditions with - out operator interaction (or potential error).
  • Polarity Protection: The system has polarity protection in case the incoming positive and negative wires are reversed.
  • Supply Power Protection: The system has both voltage and amperage protection. If the system sees more than 16½ VDC it shuts down until the voltage drops below 12VDC at which time it auto-resets. If it draws more than 25 amps it shuts down and then resets automatically.
  • Plug & Play Power Cable: We supply a 20 ft. power cable and a Deutsch connector for a true “Plug & Play” system.
  • Made in the USA

RCC Cooler System Ordering Code

Metaris New Reservoir (Controlled) Cooler (RCC) Filter System

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