Metaris MHDV35 Series Sectional Directional Valves

Metaris MHDV35 Series Interchange Directional Valves

Our Genuine Metaris MHDV35 series directional control valves are engineered specifically for the Truck Equipment market providing an interchange solution to common valves already on the market. Steel castings, precision machined and hard-chrome plated spools provide durability and reliability. The stackable or sectional design allows for a modular application providing an opportunity to customize and tailor to your specific needs.

Our MHDV35 Series Directional Control Valves are functional interchange replacements for: Parker®/Commercial® DVA/DVG35, VA/VG35, and Muncie® 60V Series.

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Black painted Metaris brand sectional directional truck valves.

Putting You In Control of Your Hydraulic System

  • Built-in, full flow relief valves
  • Parallel and series circuits in one bank
  • Manual, hydraulic, electric or pneumatic operation
  • Sectional construction for maximum flexibility
  • Spool changeover capability for right-hand or left-hand valve assemblies
  • Low internal pressure drop
  • Work sections are 100% pre-assembled and tested prior to delivery
  • Stackable (sectional) design allows for customizing the assembly to specific needs & applications
  • Interchangeable with Parker® DVA/DVG35, VA/VG35; and Muncie® 60V series

Model Code Breakdown

Metaris MHDV Series Valves Model Code Example on white color background Metaris MHDV Series Model Code Breakdown on white color background


Accessory Description
Main Relief Valves (MRV) We stock Main Relief Valves for Inlet and Mid-inlet setups for both sizes of valve assemblies: MHDV20 & MHDV35. They are screw adjustable and available in different PSI settings.
Port Relief Valves & Check Valves Our Work Port Relief Valve options are designed to be screwed into the sides of the work sections to control pressure and reduce cavitation; and can be adjustable or fixed depending on the style.
Work Sections We have a variety of work sections (hydraulic control, air-shift and manual control) available to accommodate a variety of applications and custom builds. Single action, double action and Hi-boy setups are all available for both the MHDV20 and MHDV35 size valves.
Handles We stock handles in the 8” and 10” size for both standard and Hi-boy styles/variations of valve assemblies.

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