Metaris Brand Power Take-off Accessories

PTO Control Towers, Air Controllers, Feathering Valves, Shifters, Tanks, Brackets and Adapters

At Metaris we carry a wide variety of PTO accessories: Control Towers, Air Controllers, Feathering Valves, Shifters, Hydraulic Tanks, Dump Pump Brackets and Gear Assembly Adapters.

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Control Towers 8”, 10” & 12”

Metaris Control Towers come in 8”, 10” and 12” heights. Their base dimensions are 4 ½” x 5” to center of the bolt holes. These towers will accommodate our current dual controllers and our single controller with an MH102X adapter kit. These towers are made of sturdy steel construction.

Metaris Aftermarket PTO Control Towers

Air Controllers

Metaris offers single and dual controllers. The single controller operates the engagement and disengagement of the PTO. The dual controller operates the engagement and disengagement of both the PTO and the pump. Our dual controllers are available with and without the kick-out option.

Metaris Aftermarket PTO Air Controllers

Feathering Valve

Metaris now offers a MH787F valve which is a more defined 3 position 4 way feathering valve. This valve features precise control and feathering while dumping a load of stone or asphalt. It comes with a heavy duty body and control lever. It is also equipped with a safety lockout device to prevent unintentional lever movement. Metaris also has available, an installation kit for our 8”, 10” and 12” towers.

Metaris Aftermarket PTO Feathering Valves

Shifters - Air, Wire & Lever

Metaris has 3 shifter choices to select from. Both the air, wire and lever PTO shifters utilize a steel fork for durability and strength. All shifters are very compact for close installation areas.

Metaris Aftermarket PTO Shifters - Air, Wire and Lever

Hydraulic Tanks & Hose Kits

Metaris tank options include Polyethylene Upright, Steel and Aluminum Upright and Steel and Aluminum Saddle Mount. Available in the most popular gallon sizes and includes all mounting hardware. Hose kits are available in 8 different setup configurations. To view a listing of available tanks, click the link below in the 'Literature' tab.

Metaris Aftermarket PTO Hydraulic Tanks & Hose Kits

Dump Pump Brackets

Metaris pump bracket support kits (PBK-1000) are designed to prevent hydraulic pumps from distributing too much hanging weight on the PTO flange. It also assists in stabilizing the yawing action (Twisting force) from the pump on start up and puts less stress on the PTO and transmission.

Metaris Aftermarket PTO Dump Pump Brackets

Adapter - Gear Assemblies

Metaris provides adapter gears to make it possible to work around transmission and frame interference. Adapter gear assemblies also serve as a way to reverse PTO output shaft rotation.

Metaris Aftermarket PTO Adapters - Gear Assemblies

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